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Welcome to contact us if you have any questions about Polyver Sweden and our products, and please read the FAQ to find the answers to your questions even quicker.


Answers for the most common questions.

How are the Polyver Sweden boots sized?
Go to our size chart for full information on how to measure your foot to ensure the correct sizing.
How do I take care of and clean the Polyver Sweden boots?
Our winter boots should be kept clean by rinsing them with clean water. This process should be repeated more often during heavy usage. Read our Guide on how to take care of your boots to learn more.
Should I wear thick socks underneath the Polyver Sweden boots?
Thanks to CLI-Tech it is not necessary to wear thick socks to stay warm. We highly recommend wearing a mid-thickness wool sock in your Polyver Sweden winter boots.
Where are the Polyver Sweden boots made?
Our outdoor boots are made in Pilgrimstad, Jämtland, Sweden.
What are the Polyver Sweden boots made of?
Our winter boots are made of a compound based on polyurethane (PU) that Polyver Sweden has developed over 15 years with leading global suppliers. The result is a unique formula – CLI-Tech. Read more about it on our CLI-Tech page.
At what temperatures can I wear the Polyver Sweden boots?
The Polyver Sweden winter boots have been tested at extreme temperatures, down to -40C. However, Polyver Sweden boots are meant to be enjoyed whenever you want to keep your feet dry and warm.
Are the Polyver Sweden boots waterproof?
Yes, all our outdoor winter boots are 100% waterproof.
Are my Polyver Sweden boots under a warranty?
Quality is in the DNA of everything we do at Polyver. We have thoroughly tested our products both at independent laboratories and in real-life conditions. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.

Online purchases -
If a purchase made from our webshop has a quality issue or defect and you want to return it, you must return it through to the webshop. Please contact our customer service to get full information regarding the returning process.

In-store purchases -
If you have made the purchase at a store, you must return the goods at the same store along with proof of purchase and they will assess your claim after inspecting. You will be refunded or your boots replaced if the assessment determines that the product was damaged during the manufacturing process, or the workmanship is at fault.

We cannot compensate for products that were damaged for other reasons, such as damage by negligence, misuse or wear and tear.

We cannot compensate you through our customer service if the product was bought from a point of sale other than our webshop.

Recommendations to extend the life of your Polyver Sweden boots:
  • The Polyver Sweden boots should always be worn with socks. Otherwise you risk excess moisture causing the lining and insoles to wear out quicker than they normally would.
  • Rinse them with clean water on a regular basis, and daily in the event of intensive use.
  • Store them at a dry location away from direct light.

  • Several factors will determine how long your footwear last:
  • How often they are worn and the amount of time they are worn.
  • Weight can determine how quickly shoes will wear out. Generally, the heavier the person, the more wear and tear on the footwear.
  • General wear and tear on footwear can vary depending upon activity or job. A frequent user should be prepared for higher levels of wear and tear.

  • Products damaged by normal wear and tear, or products that have exceeded their reasonable lifespan, will not be not replaced.

    Your inquiries are answered in Swedish or English. We have gathered the most common questions higher up on this page under the heading FAQ. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us. Your questions are answered weekdays between 9-16.


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