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Legal Notice.


1. Information and personal data
The Seller is the data controller of the personal data that the Customer sends to the Seller and is responsible for the Customer’s personal information in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (Sw. personuppgiftslagen (1998: 204)).

The Seller collects such personal data that the Customer sends to the Seller [name, address, tel no, e-mail and personal identity number], for example when placing orders or contacts the customer service. In addition, the Seller may collect certain personal information from external sources, for example, credit and address updates.

The Seller may use the personal information for the following purposes:
  • To process the Customer’s orders and returns via the Webshop
  • To contact the Customer in case of any problems with the delivery of the Products
  • To verify that the Customer has the legal minimum age to make purchases online
  • In order to prevent abuse or inappropriate use of the Sellers services
  • Opinion polls, surveys and market research.

  • 2. Right to request information
    The Customer has the right to request information about personal data which is processed about the Customer by the Seller and to have the information corrected. The Customer has the right to receive information about which information is being processed about the Customer. A request shall be made in writing and be signed by the Customer. The request shall be sent by ordinary mail to the Seller at the address B2W Sweden AB – Pilgrimcenter 110 – 84058 Pilgrimstad - Sweden. It is thus not sufficient to send an e-mail. The Customer has the right to once per annum receive such information without cost.

    3. Deletion of personal data
    The Seller keeps information about the Customer for 12 months.

    4. Cookies
    A ‘cookie’ is a small text file that the Seller’s website asks to save on your computer.

    Cookies are basically only used in conjunction with certain functions, such as, for example, the adapt and listen functions.

    The Seller uses cookies to give the Customer the best experience on the Seller’s website. By continuing to use the Seller’s website, you agree to this.


    The contents of this website may be subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights and is the property of Polyver®. The Polyver® trademark is a registered trademark of B2W Sweden AB. No license is granted to use any of these intellectual property rights. You may however download to a hard disk or print extracts from this website for your personal use only. Provided that you recognize the copyright of Polyver® you may create further copies to individual third parties for their personal use only. No contents of the Polyver® website may be distributed or copied for any commercial purpose.
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