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What is Klarna's buyer protection? Klarna's buyer protection means in short that you as a consumer should feel safe when you shop online, because Klarna always backs you up. This means, for example, that if your goods did not arrive, did not turn out as you intended or were not at all what you ordered, we will help you.

When shopping with Klarna, you do not have to worry unnecessarily. For example, you can choose not to pay for your stuff until they land at home and you feel completely satisfied with your purchase, and you can always feel confident that we protect all your data.


Protection that you can count on PayPal's buyer protection entitles you to compensation for all your purchase costs for an item plus any shipping costs you paid, if you do not receive your item from the seller or if you receive an item that does not match what you had ordered.

Buyer protection covers all eligible purchases where PayPal has been used as well as payments made via our website. To take advantage of buyer protection, we require, among other things, that the PayPal account is well managed and that any dispute is initiated within 180 days of purchase or payment. Our terms and conditions apply.
cli-tech bubble technology

CLI-Tech is a unique technology in tech wear. With millions of encapsulated air bubbles perfectly calibrated for superior insulation and lightness. CLI-tech makes our products, the ultimate thermoregulated boots for cold times. We make boots locally in Jämtland, Sweden. We have no time for cold feet.